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Driving for Lyft is fun, easy and you can make a considerable income driving part time or full tiime as a  Lyft driver in your home town. Lyft also offers special sign up bonuses for new Lyft drivers in many areas. They can range up to a thousand dollars depending on the area  where you will be driving and the ride requirements.

Get up to $1000.00
Lyft Driver bonus.
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What's My Bonus?

Drive For Lyft

Bonus availability and amounts subject to change without notice.

Drive for Lyft in your own car

become a lyft driver

When you drive for Lyft, you will be using your own car to transport passengers around town. You're in control.

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Drive for Lyft on your schedule when and where you want and for as long as you want.  You can work part-time, full-time of a mixture of both. You can drive in the daytime or nighttime. You can work during the week or only or weekends. it's entirely up to you.
You're the boss, Lyft Driver.

Lyft Drivers Earn 

When you drive for Lyft you can earn money in a variety of different ways:
New Lyft Driver Bonus (in many areas)
Giving Lyft Rides (Earn up to $35.00 per hour)
Receiving TIps from your Lyft passengers
Referring new Lyft Passengers
Referring others to drive for Lyft
Other Lyft Driver incentives and bonuses

A Friend In The Business

Why should you get started now for Lyft at ? Typically when you sign up as a Lyft driver you are basically on your own. Although you can contact Lyft with your questions, it's much better if you have  a "friend in the business"  to help. As a veteran driver, I am here to answer your questions, support you every step of the way and provide guidance. After you click the link from our page and sign up as a Lyft driver, feel free to send me an email to introduce yourself and ask any quesitons at    

become lyft driver get bonus

Are You A People-Person?

If you like people, you will love to drive for Lyft. Every time you drive you get to meet new and interesting people. 

Lyft Driver Ben

Ben Resini 

 Lyft Driver 


I was consdering signing up for Lyft but wasn't sure. After I spoke with Joseph and got my questions answered I dived right in. The bonus was nice and it's definitely a good way to make extra income and have fun!"

Put You Phone To Work

Your phone may be great for calls, texts, emails and such, but isnt't it about time it started to earn you money as opposed to costing you money?

It All Starts With A Ping On Your Phone

Once you're an approved Lyft driver and are ready to work, you turn on the Lyft Driver app. When a customer needs a ride and if you're the closest driver, you will hear the ping. It will show you your Lyft customers first name and pickup location. Accept the ride, hit the navigation button in your Lyft Driver app and you'll start receiving turn-by-turn directions. It's fun, kinda like the Poke-mon game but with money!

Lyft Drivers can use Iphone or Android

Drive for Lyft with your iOS 11 iphone or Android 8 or higher. Older software may still work but could interfere with your ability to give and receive rides.

drive for lyft usa phones 2
become a lyft driver with gabe

Gabe Reyes

 Lyft Driver 


I needed extra cash and my job wasn't cutting it. I was talking to Joseph about Lyft and the benefits of driving for them. Wow! I now have cash all the time and make my own schedule. I love it when I drive for Lyft. Thanks Joe!

Ladrina drive for Lyft

Ladrina Owens

 Lyft Driver 


Lyft offered a calculator of what I could make in my area, so I signed up. As a single mother I absolutely love the flexibility that Lyft provides. 

Lyft Drivers Bring People Together

When you're a Lyft driver, in addition to earning money and having fun, you will be helping to bring people together!


Paul Toy

 Lyft Driver 


I was looking for a way to increase my monthly income and came across a Lyft email. I have been driving for Lyft for a year and love every moment of it. I have met some great people and I get to earn some extra money at a schedule that I choose. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to make some extra money.

Bonus up to $1000!
become lyft driver get bonus

Don't leave your money on the table, Become A Lyft Driver

When you drive for Lyft, you will soon be on your way to earning more money, working when you want to on your terms and having fun.

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