10 Reasons To Drive For Lyft

There are many reasons why someone might want to drive for Lyft. Here is our Top10 list.

top 10 reasons to drive for lyft

1. You’re the boss.
No one is breathing down your neck telling you to work faster or harder. If you’ve had a boss before you didn’t like, it’s different now. 

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2. Tax benefits
You’re an independent contractor not an employee. Essentially you’re running a business. You have tax advantates. Write off mileage, water, candy, gum etc. (see your acccountant or tax advisor for details)

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3. Flexibility - Drive when you want, where you want, and for as long as you want. it’s up to you. Perfect if you’re a college student, retiree, single mom, musician, between jobs or just someone who wants to make a little extra cash. There is no one for you to ask about your schedule, check with or ask permission to have a day off.

driving for lyft schedule

4. Easy Work - You get in the car sit down and drive.  Pick up passengers and drop them off. You already know how to drive. You just need to learn the basics of driving for Lyft, It's really not that complicated. You’re not digging ditches here or conducting brain surgery.

5. Get Paid - Get paid for driving people around and earn up to $35.00 an hour.

Lyft drivers get paid bonuses

6. Tips. At the end of each ride, your customers are prompted to give you a tip. You keep all the tips.

Lyft tips

Lyft drivers keep thier tips

7. Earn a Lyft Driver Sign Up Bonus - Many areas of the county have a New Lyft Driver Sign up bonus. In Philadelphia for example at the time of this posting, that amount is $930  when you click the link from driveforlyftusa.com   after you complete x amount of rides in a certain time period.

 It's important that you click the image below with our special link because not all links are created equal. There are other links on line that when you click on them, take you to a Lyft driver sign up page that have new sign up bonuses for as little as $10 of $20. Which bonus would you rather have $10 of $930?! And there’s the Power Driver Bonus which can increase your earnings by 20 percent each week for hitting certain milestones

You can now get a $950. new driver bonus when you click this link. Bonuses vary by regiion. Look at the bottom of sign up page to see your bonus amount.

Drive For Lyft

8. Where to Drive - Lyft sends you notices of events going on that you should be aware of like concerts, ball games, etc.

9. New Driver Referrals - Lyft is aggressively expanding markets all the time. In certaiin regions they offer new Lyft driver sign up bonuses. These are double sided bonuses. For example, when you are a Lyft driver and refer a new driver to Lyft, after they get approved and start driving, they will earn bonuses on each ride. As the referring driver, you receive a matching bonus. What this means for example, if you were a Philly driver today and referred another driver who met the qualifications, you would both earn a bonus! Promotions, conditions and amounts vary.

refer lyft drivers and get a bonus

10. Fun -  Driving for Lyft is fun. You get to meet new people, have interesting conversations and drive to places you may not have not been to. A lot of people don't like or don't have fun on their job, but you can.

drive for lyft bonus get started today

Featured image woman in car driving for Lyft courtesy of FreePik. 

Joseph Giannotti

Joseph has been a ride share driver since November 2016. He enjoys meeting new people and driving them to places he has yet to discover. Before moving to Delaware in 2006, he lived in Hawaii for 12 years on the island of Kauai. He strives to bring the aloha spirit to his passengers and give them better service than they expect. In addition to driving, he is employed full time in the customer service industry for a major manufacturing company in Delaware. His new passion is helping others succeed with their own KnoCard http://ridesharingworld.com/knocard-review/

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