Don’t Throw Up In A Lyft!

Many people use Lyft to avoid driving while intoxicated. It just makes sense. If you are going to an event, bar or party and know you may be having a few drinks, you can do so without having to worry about endangering others on the road or getting a DUI. A Lyft driver will pick […]

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10 Reasons To Drive For Lyft

top 10 reasons to drive for lyft

There are many reasons why someone might want to drive for Lyft. Here is our Top10 list.1. You’re the boss. No one is breathing down your neck telling you to work faster or harder. If you’ve had a boss before you didn’t like, it’s different now. 2. Tax benefits You’re an independent contractor not an employee. Essentially you’re […]

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Happy Lyftiversary!

Lyft sent me this email yesterday.Best Part TIme Job Ever!Driving Ride Share for Lyft has been one of my best part time jobs ever, almost as good as when I was a mobile disc jockey!Here I was as J. Michaels from The Music Platter with my girlfriend Joan Collins making the party happen! As a Lyft […]

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Lyft Driver Requirements

you need insurance when driving for lyft

If you’re on this page then most likely you are thinking about becoming a Lyft Drvier.  Driving for Lyft is fun, easy and profitable but first, let’s make sure you understand what the Lyft Driver Requirements are.Lyft Driver Requirements in a NutshellLyft Driver Age RequirementsYou have to be at least 21 years old with a […]

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