Happy Lyftiversary!

Lyft sent me this email yesterday.

Lyft driving anniversary
driving with lyft anniversary

Best Part TIme Job Ever!

Driving Ride Share for Lyft has been one of my best part time jobs ever, almost as good as when I was a mobile disc jockey!

Here I was as J. Michaels from The Music Platter with my girlfriend Joan Collins making the party happen! 

As a Lyft driver, I can work for as little or as long as I want to. I can work in the burbs or in the city. I get to meet new people and have interesting conversations. Sometimes on the weekend I work insane hours and roll in the door at 4am, it's just I have so much fun doing it, I don't want to stop. I provide a valuable service and get to help people.

Time certainly has flown by. It seems like just yesterday I met a woman from Lyft who did my car inspection and okay'd me to drive.  I made many mistakes over the year, most of which could have been avoided. The biggest mistake however was not qualifying for the new driver sign up bonus because I didn't understand the rules. With this site, I will share my knowledge, experience and ideas to help Lyft and ride share drivers avoid the pitfalls, earn more money and have more fun.

If you're looking for a part time gig where you can make money, meet people and have fun, then I would encourage you to be a Lyft driver.

Drive For Lyft
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Joseph Giannotti

Joseph has been a ride share driver for over a year. He enjoys meeting new people and driving them to places he has yet to discover. Before moving to Delaware in 2006, he lived in Hawaii for 12 years on the island of Kauai. He tries to bring the aloha spirit to his passengers and give them better service than they expect. In addition to driving, he is employed full time in the customer service industry for a major manufacturing company in Delaware.

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